10 reasons to get a MIDI keyboard for music production!

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Here are my and my producer friend’s top 10 reasons you should get a MIDI keyboard for music production.

For someone new to the world of music production and trying to assemble a home studio, buying a MIDI controller is a significant step when learning to make music or learn piano.

A MIDI controller or keyboard can save you from drawing notes in the piano roll editor of a DAW.

Even if you know how to draw musical notes in the piano roll editor of your DAW, buying a MIDI keyboard for music production will help you take your production skills to next level.

It is the best way to let out your creative ideas, boost productivity, and create engaging music that connects with your audience every time.

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Recommended MIDI Keyboards for beginners

Top 10 reasons to get MIDI keyboard (ASAP)

Now, let us look at some important reasons that why you might need a MIDI keyboard for music production.

1) Promotes creativity & boosts productivity

I love using controllers and MIDI keyboards for music production because it puts you in a creative zone. With so many options and controller features, it is impossible not to come up with something good to work with in the DAW.

It is far easier to create melodies, drum patterns, and rhythms in your music once you use a MIDI instrument.

And in music production, staying creative consistently over a long period will come naturally if you have options to make music.

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MIDI controllers offer multiple ways to get right into an innovative state of mind. It will boost your productivity in return.

After making music for multiple years, I have found a direct correlation between creativity and productivity. The more the meter of your creativity, the more the meter rises of your productivity side to get things done.

2) Helps to create an organic human sound

MIDI Controllers help to create organic sound

Creating a natural sound using a MIDI keyboard is much easier than a piano roll in a DAW.

You can control different aspects of your sound using a controller. These aspects include:

  • Pitch,
  •  Note velocity,
  •  modulation,
  •  rhythm,
  •  tempo,
  •  you are Playing scale.

The above list shows some things you can control while using a MIDI controller. However, some keyboards offer way more than that. 

These factors ensure a smooth organic sound pleasing to human ears when your hands touch the keys.

3) offers an all-round option and multiple features

MIDI keyboard for music production

In this section, let us look at what makes MIDI instruments useful for music production.

MIDI keyboards offer a unique and personalized way to make music. You can control pitch, note velocity, and instrument settings from the MIDI controller.

Moreover, you can integrate DAW settings into your MIDI keyboard to effortlessly record, play, and switch between various DAW settings.

These features help save time as you can directly record good music from the controller.

Not to forget, MIDI controllers also offer drum pads to either use a drum rack or other features of a DAW.

4) Plug n Play, Literally!

MIDI keyboard for music production

Since a MIDI controller or keyboard integrates many DAW features and options, you only have to open the DAW, plug in the MIDI instrument, and hit record. Keep doing this since you make music that you think is good enough.

Sounds Amazing, Right?

Otherwise, you may have to choose an instrument, pull up the piano roll editor, and proceed with notes one by one until they sound amazing.

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Think how challenging it sometimes becomes to adjust note velocity and length when making music using a piano roll editor.

Both these ways of making music are suitable. However, depending on one of these options can cause writer’s block and may leave you clueless at times.

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5) Budget-friendly

MIDI keyboards cost way less than mega synthesizers and are relatively easy to maintain.

The cost difference is an outstanding benefit of MIDI controllers over any other synthesizer. MIDI instruments provide a great starting point for a beginner to save money and invest it in their studio or VST softwares.

Here are the typical prices of different key MIDI keyboards. As more and more features and options are added to MIDI keyboards, the price will keep increasing.

In the table, we have proposed an estimate of what it will cost to own a keyboard that is low and high on features. These features include drum pads, modes, displays, and the connection ports.

MIDI keyboard typePrice range($)
61-keys150-400 & above

6) Control any VST instrument

MIDI keyboard for music production

Another great thing about MIDI controllers for music production is that you can control any VST instrument.

It is as easy as integrating your MIDI keyboard with your DAW and then controlling the VST using the DAW. You can find how to incorporate the controller into your DAW on the respective company’s website and the instruction book with the MIDI instrument.

This is a great advantage of MIDI keyboards, especially for beginners who want a taste of analog synthesizers VIRTUALLY.

7) Loaded with free music production softwares

MIDI keyboard for music production
Free software bundle with M-Audio Oxygen Pro Mini

One thing other than the MIDI keyboard that will help you in music production is the suite of software bundles that comes with it.

These softwares include DAW as well as complementary virtual instruments.

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Arturia gives freebies when you successfully register one of their MIDI controllers. These include:

  • Abelton Live Lite, a DAW for recording instruments and making music.
  •  Analog Lab V contains sounds from Legendary Analog Synthesizers.
  •  UVI Model D is Sample-based software recreation of the Steinway classic.

Similarly, M-Audio provides the below-mentioned softwares and VSTs.

  • MPC beats,
  •  Abelton Live Lite,
  •  Hybrid 3.0, including sounds from analog synths,
  •  AIR plugin bundle.

Likewise, many other companies offer freebies to make your music production job easier and save some of your bucks that could have been used in buying VST plugins.

All in all, these free softwares will give you a good starting point, but to explore your creativity, you must invest in a better version of music production software.

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8) Great for learning piano & music theory

At its heart, a MIDI keyboard works like a piano. The thing is that it extends the capabilities of a piano.

Therefore, when it comes to learning music theory and playing piano, you can be assured that a MIDI keyboard is suitable for this task.

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Moreover, if learning piano is your main objective with a MIDI keyboard, opt for a 49-key or 61-key version. This will make it easier for you to practice across the octaves.

A drawback of learning piano using a MIDI keyboard is that it lacks an output source.

You need studio monitors or speakers to tackle this problem.

9) Studio-friendly

MIDI keyboard for music production

Not to forget, studio gear like MIDI controllers enhance the look and authority of your home recording studio.

It feels good to have all your studio equipment, like studio headphones, audio interface, and other gear, at a dedicated place that promotes inspiration to produce music.

Furthermore, a dedicated studio space makes you get up and chase your goals.

Enough pep talk for now, but I hope you get the point.

10) Eliminates writer’s block

With so many features at your hand, such as drum pads, keys, and controller modes like chord and scale modes, it becomes easy to bypass the writer’s block that so many producers go through.

Also, think of the MIDI controller for sound design tasks. You can assign the VST settings to knobs and faders in the MIDI controller to get even more control over individual elements.

When you look at writer’s block, it mainly roots in having little control over how you create music. However, getting yourself a MIDI keyboard for music production will also eliminate that problem.

You can mess with the chord modes, arpeggios, and different VST sounds to refresh the production process and find inspiration from the controller.


All in all, here were some highly valid reasons to buy a MIDI keyboard for music production.

Lastly, tell me in the comments about your favourite MIDI controllers.

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