10 highly valid reasons to assemble & build your own home recording studio!

reasons build your home recording studio

In this article, we are looking at the top ten reasons to build your home recording studio.

Home recording studios have become insanely famous during this decade. More and more tech companies are offering everything a professional or home producer needs to make high-quality music digitally.

This means you do not need to go anywhere else to pen down your creative music ideas if you have a personal computer or laptop and a few more recording studio gear.

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10 valid reasons to put together & build your home recording studio

Here are top 10 reasons that you need to build your home recording studio.

1) Learning opportunity

build your home recording studio

The most crucial reason to set up a home recording studio is that you get to learn multiple new skills. It helps an individual to stay motivated and wake up with something to look forward to.

Since you are reading this article, I assume you are inspired to work in music production, audio mixing, mastering or other closely related fields. Furthermore, you can systematically select and learn new things in your home studio at a pace that suits you.

Not to forget, you are not just learning production or mixing skills but also becoming competent in time and space management.

Confused How? Let me tell you!

When setting up your studio, you will move things around your home recording studio to optimize the space around the studio. Similarly, you may set deadlines to complete your projects and start new ones.

Therefore, this way, you will expand your arsenal of skills by taking the initiative to learn only one talent, leading you to learn multiple skills further.

2) Hand-pick studio gear & instruments

build your home recording studio

Another great reason to build a home studio is that you control gear and instrument selection. 

This means you do not need anyone’s approval or permission to add, upgrade or remove studio gear. If you have investing capacity and new requirements, you can do as you wish. 

Overall, you are the master of what comes in and goes out of the studio. 

However, keep a check on your investments and whether you need them in the long run or not. 

PRO TIP: Book instruments or gear on rent if you think you will not need them on more than a few tracks. Doing so can save money and space to invest in better studio options.

3) Time Advantage

More often than not, music producers and mix engineers invest in a home studio due to no time constraints.

You can take as much time as you want to improve your craft at your own pace. You may not be able to do so in a rented studio due to limited time in your hand.

With a home recording studio setup, you can atleast be free to take as much time as you want. And this one thing in particular for me is the one huge advantage.

Imagine paying considerable fees to get a few hours in a professional studio. In such situations, you will not have enough time to get what you want with the music you produce or mix.

4) Cost-efficient than renting professional studio

Another thing is that the home studio is more cost-efficient than renting professional studios.

You can get professional studio quality at home with the correct studio gear and instruments. The best thing being that you do not need to spend heavily to get a feel of professional studio recording if you know the right steps.

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Not to forget, most of the billboard hot 100, in one way or another, are produced, mixed and mastered in home studios. However, these home studios are carefully built over time and consistently upgraded with high-quality recording gear.

Initially, it is best to set up a home studio on a budget. It means getting all the basics instruments like guitars, MIDI keyboards and essential studio recording gear like audio interfaces, studio headphones, microphones and studio monitors. Once you have a skeleton up and running, you can invest as you like.

Here are some of the home studio recording gear I recommend especially when you are starting out.

5) No more carrying stuff everywhere

build your home recording studio

An under-looked advantage of a home studio is that you do not need to carry your instruments everywhere.

Most of the time, you’ll see that artists carry their instruments in and out of the studio. This causes much trouble and bothers you as you continuously move stuff around.

But, with a home studio, your instruments find a home and place to rest. Also, you can place prominent instruments like synths in a static position.

All in all, go hassle-free with a home studio.

6) Record your ideas quickly

build your home recording studio

Suppose you go through an intense emotional state. This situation, for an artist, is perfect to dwell and cultivate their art.

Now, a problem that may occur with not having a home studio is that you’ll lose ideas quickly.

It is best to invest in a home recording studio to ensure that your ideas get recorded as soon as possible or to get your emotions out at 3 AM.

Home studios can really help when it comes to saving time and record ideas efficiently. Getting your ideas out is even more accessible as you have DAWs that have changed how music is produced.

I hope you get the picture here. There are no significant downsides to assembling a home studio. On the contrary, a home studio can be your perfect companion in good or bad times.

7) Simple & Easy to setup

Home studios are far more accessible and simpler to set up than professional studios. All you need to set up a home recording studio is to get essential recording gear and set it up in your room.

Unlike home studios, you need to brainstorm to set up a professional studio. You must set up proper cable management and invest heavily in getting spacious rooms, legendary synths, recording gear, etc.

Furthermore, you need to have a significant investment capacity and financial resources.

A great thing about home studios is that you can start it up from zero and then invest as you go on and feel comfortable with your skills.

8) Privacy & comfort

Another valid point to start a home recording studio concerns privacy and comfort.

No one wants to get disturbed especially when you are working on projects and have deadlines.

In such cases, a home recording studios will let you stay away from noise and let you meet your deadlines.

9) Profitable in the long run

rent home studios to earn extra money

Building your home recording studio is also a great way to earn a considerable income. These days, more producers are working as freelancers and making a good income from their home recording studios.

Despite many ways of making money through a recording studio, the main ones are:

  • Recording, production,
  • Mixing and mastering,
  • Making your samples,
  • Giving studio on per hour rent basis,
  • By Making beats for other producers,
  • Offering studio services as a tracking engineer.

By offering a few of these services to clients, a skilled studio owner has a lot of potentials to generate massive incomes. 

My recommendation is to learn a skill or two in the beginning. As you become more and more comfortable with your art, you can start to look at other closely related skills

Not to forget, you can also rent out your studio per hour or per day. This method of earning money through a recording studio can bring you a lot of cash flow if you have legendary synths, huge spaces that can easily accommodate a band, and quality recording studio gear.

10) Home Sweet Home

Lastly, for people like me, home is where we feel most comfortable experimenting with our art. It offers a quiet environment to explore new ideas without anyone bugging you or messing around. Also, you need not worry about leaving home to produce music and collaborate with other artists.

An added benefit of producing music in the home is that you can dress as you wish, change workplaces, take breaks, watch TV and come back to start where you left off.

In contrast, an environment that does not offer you freedom can make you quite exhausted and may drain your creative energy. It is the last thing you want in a creative process like music production and audio mixing.


All in all, these were some of the primary reasons to build your home recording studio.

Building your home recording studio offers you the tools that a modern home producer needs to record and produce great-sounding tracks.

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However, ensure you have a solid dedication to learning and acquiring new skills. Otherwise, you may end up wasting resources.

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