Best High-End Audio Interfaces, According to Professionals!

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Picking one of the best high-end audio interfaces for either your studio or live performance can take you a lot of research because there are many products out there.

And each brand want to monetize you irrespective of the fact whether you need it or not. And the worse part is that you can spend a lot of money on the interface you do not need.

But don’t worry, I have done that research for you. And in this small guide, we are going to see the best high end audio interfaces that’ll be most suitable for you.

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Best high End Audio Interfaces

Before we discuss anything further, if you want a list of highly portable awesome audio interfaces, check my previous guide where I have explained every bits and pieces of each audio interface.

In this list, we will have a look at both portable and static interfaces. Not to forget, the best of them.

1) MOTU 624

Best High End Audio Interfaces

Product Features

  • 8 input / 8 output Audio Interface.
  • 2 XLR mic inputs, 2 line inputs & 2 Guitar inputs.
  • One Headphone Output.
  • Direct monitoring available,
  • Ultra Low Latency.
  • Thunderbolt / USB 3 connectivity
  • HD Display Screen.
  • Mac & Windows Compatible.
  • 8 input / 8 output Audio Interface.
  • 2 XLR mic inputs, 2 line inputs & 2 Guitar inputs.
  • One Headphone Output.
  • Direct monitoring available,
  • Ultra Low Latency.
  • Thunderbolt / USB 3 connectivity
  • HD Display Screen.
  • Mac & Windows Compatible.

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Best High End Audio Interfaces

The MOTU 624 is a compact but very powerful Audio Interface I have ever used. The sound quality is excellent and crisp. You get four line inputs, two mic and two guitar inputs. For guitar and mic inputs, there are four separate gain knobs. And that is simply incredible.

Moreover, it is one of the best audio interfaces for Shure SM7B for its ultra low noise preamps and high quality converters.

I would say that for professional producers, it is one of the best choices you have got. Also, you can combine it with another audio interface if the demand for inputs suddenly increases—for example – live performances or if you want to record too many vocalists.

The MOTU 624 is compact, which again makes it an excellent option for touring artists. Simply pull it out of your bag and start recording hassle-free.

The HD display gives you even more control of the features of the Audio Interface. With the help of knobs, you can select different operation modes and settings. In such small interface, you will hardly see any such feature.

All in all, the MOTU 624 is one of the best portable audio interfaces out there.

2) Steinberg UR816C Audio Interface

Product Features

  • 16 Input / 16 output.
  • 8 Mic / 6 line / 2 Hi-z inputs.
  • 32-bit/192 kHz audio resolution.
  • 8 Phantom Power(+48 V).
  • 2 Headphone outputs with dedicated volume control.
  • MIDI I/O available.
  • Zero Latency.
  • Mac & Windows Compatible.
  • 8 Different effects provided (check here).

Steinberg UR816C is one of the most worthy high-end audio interfaces for professional music producers. It is also a viable go-to option for recording drum samples and batch vocals. Besides, do not forget that it can be a superb choice for a live band setting.

Co-producing a record with your friend or co-producer is very much possible. Also, you can hear the audio on two different headphone outputs with individual gain knobs.

There are several effects available. These are:

  • Drive amp
  • Crunch
  • clean
  • Lead

And Many more!

The sound quality is very much on par with all the suitable high-end interfaces. Not to forget, the zero-latency gives it a competitive edge. With eight Phantom Powered Mic inputs, the vocals can be recorded on a condenser microphone with crystal clear vocals.

For producers having various instruments, you can plug in all of them. This is such a good thing to have. With this in your studio, instead of plugging and unplugging different instruments you want to play, you can just plug them all in and keep them like that. This will definitely help you concentrate more on the actual production.

3) MOTU UltraLite

Best High End Audio Interfaces

product Features

  • 18 Input / 18 Output.
  • 2 Mic inputs / 2 Hi-Z Guitar inputs / 6 Line inputs.
  • 8 channel Optical input / output.
  • MIDI I/O available.
  • One Headphone O/P available.
  • 32bit / 192KHz audio quality.

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Best High End Audio Interfaces

The MOTU Ultralite AVB is so much better than I thought. It really went above of what I thought it was.

The Ultralite is made for diverse settings. It is excellent for solo artists and equally capable for any live setting because it has got digital inputs and outputs that you can use whenever you need them.

The sound quality is crystal clear and very much on par with other interfaces in a similar price range. Besides, you will get two Hi-Z guitar inputs, two mic inputs and line inputs as much as six. Again, it is excellent for those with a vast inventory of musical pieces of equipment.

One feature that I love is that you can quickly expand I/O capabilities. This is a handy feature if you suddenly need a vast number of inputs. There are two dedicated Mic inputs present on front and the rear side of the interface. That’s quite of an unique placement.

I recommend MOTU UltaLite to anyone who is looking for a great interface. You can use it in your home studio, on your tour, or if you are performing in front of a crowd.

4) Roland Octa-Capture Audio Interface

Product features

  • 10 input / 10 output Audio Interface.
  • 8 Premium built in Mic preamps.
  • 2 Hi-Z inputs.
  • Balanced Inputs and Outputs.
  • MIDI I/O available.
  • +48V Phantom Power boost (8 for 8 different inputs) .
  • Graphical LCD Display.
  • Extremely Low Latency.
  • 24-bit/192 kHz audio quality.

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Best High End Audio Interfaces

The great thing about high-end audio interfaces is that any music artist can use them. It doesn’t matter whether you are a solo artist or a group performer. Ans same is the case with the Roland Octacapture Audio interface.

There are a ton of features with this tiny beast. You get eight quarter-inch XLR inputs, one MIDI in and out, and four flexible monitor mixes. Adjustable monitor mixes allow each artist to adjust the settings independently without affecting the others.

The LCD Display allows you to make adjustments to the interface directly, therefore eliminating the need to go to your computer. You can control input and output volume, enable High-Z inputs, turn on the compression, change preamp channels, monitor mixes and a heck of a lot more.

All eight inputs have phantom power independent of each other. It means that you can record any microphone, be it a condenser or Dynamic or record various instruments at any particular moment.

But that is not where it ends. The Auto-sensi feature helps you to set input levels based on the samples you provide to it. It eases your task of managing each input level.

5) Focusrite Scarlett 18i20 (3rd Gen) USB Audio Interface

Product features

  • 18 input / 20 output audio Interface.
  • 8 Mic/ line and 10 line inputs.
  • Eight Preamp gain controls.
  • MIDI I/O present.
  • Two headphone O/P with dedicated volume control.
  • Two headphone O/P with dedicated volume control.
  • Air Mode for brighter vocals.
  • Ultra Low latency.
  • 32-bit / 192 KHz sound quality.
  • 8 ADAT channels.

click to view price of Focusrite Scarlett 18i20 on amazon

The 18i20 is a rock-solid high-end audio interface for professional music producer. Like, Steinberg UR816C, you will get a ton of helpful features.

There are eight combo Mic/line inputs and six dedicated line inputs, and two Hi-Z inputs. It makes 18i20 a very suitable pick for solo artists, live artists or professionals. You can record high headroom instruments with much ease and less distortion, all thanks to the high-z feature.

The two headphone outputs with dedicated gain knobs is a super nice feature in an audio interface. It lets you control your mixes straight off the bat.

Another cool feature about Focusrite is that it provides you with great plugins. And plugins are essential for any music producer. There are several plugins available for vocals, drums and whatnot.

You can check about the plugins in greater detail by clicking here.


In conclusion, these were some of the best high-end audio interfaces that are relevant for beginners and professionals. Now, I know that there are many audio interfaces out there, but not all of them have various features like those I have shown you in my article.

For those of you who want a perfect audio interface for your home studio, this list will give you some of the high end option. Now if the prices overwhelm you or if you simply don’t need such monstrous of the audio interfaces, check our list that lists top rated audio interfaces under $500. These are budget friendly audio interfaces and saves money without compromising on the quality.

If you ever stumble upon an audio interface similar to or better than these interfaces, do let me know in the comments. I would be happy to put them on my list.

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